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How much do you know about the accuracy of gear processing?

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  Gear processing accuracy selection, gear processing accuracy can be roughly divided into three categories; the benchmark of gear accuracy is the center line of the gear (gear shaft); the smaller the error, the higher the accuracy of the gear.

  1. The accuracy of the involute profile: the accuracy of the gear profile

  2. The accuracy of the tooth line on the tooth surface: the accuracy of the gear tooth line

  3. Accuracy of gear machining tooth/tooth position. Indexing accuracy of gear teeth (accuracy of tooth pitch): single pitch accuracy of gear machining; deviation of the position of the measuring ball clamped between the two teeth in the radial direction: diameter Runout accuracy

  Pitch deviation: measure the pitch value on the measuring circle centered on the gear shaft

  Single pitch deviation: the difference between the actual pitch and the theoretical pitch; the cumulative total deviation of the tooth pitch: measure the total tooth pitch deviation of the whole wheel to make an evaluation. The total amplitude of the cumulative deviation curve of the tooth pitch is the total pitch deviation.

  Radial runout: Place the probe (spherical, cylindrical) in the tooth groove one after another, measure the difference between the large and small radial distances from the probe to the gear axis, and the eccentricity of the gear shaft is part of the radial runout.