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The company has technical department, production department, quality department, marketing department, administration department, finance department and other functional departments to provide customers with all aspects of technology, production, quality, marketing and other services

Core culture

Target: Our company’s overall strength will strive to enter the top five in the whole forging enterprises of China in 2035.
Mission: Pioneering and innovating, forging excellent products, satisfying customers and serving the society.
Vision:Become a well-known global forging enterprises, representing China in global competition.

There is an old Chinese saying that "Make yourself better, or make the world better." The mission of "exploiting and innovating, forging high-quality goods, satisfying customers, and contributing to the society" is always kept in mind. Baolu actively participates social events in the area of fighting the epidemics, supporting education, alleviating poverty and helping the disabled.

Fighting The Epidemics

Supporting Education

Alleviating Poverty And Helping The Disabled

Social activities