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The casting of ring gear and gear and how to repair the damaged ring gear?

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  Big ring gear is an indispensable part of equipment like gears. Although the two are similar, its main function is to transmit and change the direction of force. However, in addition, the protective effect of the main body of the machine system driven by the gear ring cannot be ignored.

  The outer teeth of the large ring gear are divided into two types: drum-shaped teeth and straight teeth. It can change the contact conditions of the teeth and improve the torque transmission ability, so as to meet the requirements of cost preservation and extend the service life. The large ring gear belongs to the thin-walled ring forgings, which are prone to problems such as uneven wall thickness, folding, and ellipse during the forging process. Therefore, the quality of the casting can be improved by controlling the details of the casting process.

  Therefore, it can be said that the large gear ring is a very important part for the protection of the service life of the machine. Then, when the large gear is damaged, how should we repair it?

  First of all, the steel castings should be processed. Different large gears should be treated differently, and the damaged parts of the large gear ring should be disposed of;

  Then, proceed to welding. Before welding, be careful not to have dirt, rust, slag and other impurities near the welding part, otherwise it will affect the welding effect;

  After the welding process is completed, there may be relatively small pores or sand holes on the surface of the steel casting. After these defects are removed, the area should be repaired.

  After the welding treatment, the damaged large ring gear can be used normally again. This not only saves the production cost of the enterprise, but also helps reduce the loss of resources, which can be described as two birds with one stone.