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Fight against COVID-19

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Confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic, the key management team members of Baolu company organized immediately to come out with the contingency plan . The management team timely updated daily announcement through Baolu’s WeChat group, to make sure all the employee were in good health and could obtain the accurate and useful data from the CDC to fight against the epidemic. In addition, we comforted each other through internet with solidarity and mutual assistance.

At Lantern Festival, our management team visited some employees, who were migrant workers back from other provinces and complying with home quarantine. The team members brought some rice balls, the representative and special food for the traditional festival, and other groceries. Baolu sincerely hoped that all the employees could follow the instructions, comply the health regulations, and come back to work with good health and passion. The management team insisted that “everyone plays an important role in the white war”.

The management team also donated some groceries to the four communities fighting at the front line of the epidemic: Dengxiang, Zhetangbang, Tangcun, and Huangshi Street, to thank them for their dedication and service during the Spring Festival