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6S management training

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On Nov. 23rd, a training session related to the improvement of 6S management (SEIRI, SECTION, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SAFETY) was held in meeting room of Baolu’s office building.6S management committee, leaders and key personnel from all departments and workshops attended the session.

6S is the basis of lean production, which can be applied to all aspects of work and play an important role in company management improvement.

The General Manager, Zhiwei Hua, pointed out the direction of 6S management improvement and clarified the goals during the session. With the strict requirements of work safety and environmental protection, Baolu needs to improve and strengthen production management. 6S management has been proven to be the most effective tool, which helps to guarantee the work safety of employees and improve the working environment. In order to accelerate the 6S work. The whole company is in actionWith workshop supervisors, department leaders as models, everyone in Baolu works hard to promote the company management improvement together.

the 6S management work goes deeper, the training will also go the front line, which can help operators to understand 6S concepts and implement 6S into daily work. At the same time, various publicity, the assessment and rectification work are underway in order, so as to achieve management improvement, help production flow, create a good corporate culture, and help Baolu go up to a higher level.