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The company has technical department, production department, quality department, marketing department, administration department, finance department and other functional departments to provide customers with all aspects of technology, production, quality, marketing and other services

Wuxi Baolu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Baolu is located near the famous beautiful landscape Taihu Lake in the north-west of Wuxi City. With the intersection of highway, railway, and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the transportation of Wuxi is very convenient.We are a join-venture company by Chinese and Hongkong, with 12.8 million US dollars registered capital, over 30.0 million dollars total investment and 90,000 m2 plant area. Baolu is capable of forging, heat treatment and machining.

The forging shop is equipped with 10000-ton, 4000-ton, 3600-ton intelligent NC hydraulic forging presses, 10m, 4.5m, 3.5m intelligent NC ring-rolling machines, an electro-hydraulic hammer, several heating furnaces and other forging equipment. It produces shafts weighting up to 50-ton, rings up to 8m in diameter, large special-shaped forgings, planetary wheels, and etc.

Baolu has a complete heat treatment intelligent production line aligning with forging capacity, including large heat treatment electric/gas furnaces, quenching pools, quenching robots and other equipment. Machining equipment includes CNC gantry machining centers, large NC vertical lathes, high precision intelligent NC vertical lathes, large NC horizontal lathes, deep hole drilling and boring machines, floor-type NC boring and milling machines, 3.5m and 8m NC drilling machines, 7m intelligent NC gear milling machines, etc., to provide finishing forgings to customers. Besides, an intelligent management system MES (Manufacturing Execution System) has be introduced simultaneously, which can cover the entire production line with visual management and effective data integration.